3 days until CS Season #4 Finals! Introducing Elisa

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The Kanaliiga CS Season #4 finals will be played on March 7. At Arkade Bar, Helsinki Kamppi! In the finals, a total of four diamond-hard gangs will be seen in two series, whose captains were interviewed by Kanaliiga's new communications manager Heikki "heizzah" Haahkala. Today it's Elisa's captain erkki, who plays in the Masters series.

Tell me in your own words who you are

4 Elisa employees from Tampere (one studies in Hämeenlinna) and 2 from Hessia. There will be 3 from Tampere, 1 from Hämeenlinna and 1 from Helsinki in the LAN final.

Is this your first Kanaliiga season? If not, how many seasons have you played?

We have participated in every Kanaliiga tournament.

How would you describe the skill level of your team?

Experience is more and less. Sometimes it hits, sometimes it doesn't :)

How are the roles divided in your team?

Tasty to shake and own. Duffman just owns it.

What do you think are your biggest strengths with the finals in mind?

Team game.

Is the opposing team nervous? What would you guess the outcome would be?

Quick, we've had fun. It's hard to say anything about the final result.

Have you thought about further plans? Will you continue for the next season? Will there be player changes?

We will probably continue. Duffman changed companies, so he won't play next season.

How has esport corporate league activity been received in your company? Has it aroused interest, questions or other activity?

Not taken into account in any way.


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