The traditional little Christmas tournament is approaching

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The year is coming to an end and there is one game day left of the Squad season without playing at every league level. With the approaching year's decision, Kanaliiga's traditional little Christmas Duo tournament is also on the horizon. So come and challenge the reigning Duo champion Securitas with your colleague!

The tournament is played in the usual Double Elimination style, so everyone has at least two game days! The tournament starts with the first bracket days 23-26 November, the following week the first games of the Upper and Lower Bracket are played, and the third week the final of the Lower Bracket and the final of the tournament itself. If there are not enough teams for the three initial blocks, the initial block with the fewest entries will not be played and the teams will be moved to the two initial blocks to be played.

Rumors say that there might be additional prizes for the team that hunted the chicken on each early block day.

Registration for the tournament is open XPUBG service!

Tournament diagram. In the tournament of the two initial groups, the LB2 game will not be played.

Spring 2021

At this point, it's also good to take a look at 2021. Several have also wished for a shorter Squad-style tournament, and one will be organized again next year! As soon as Christmas and the new year are over, the Double Elimination type Squad tournament without level series will be started on 11.1. and the tournament continues on 28.1. to its climactic finale. A maximum of 16 teams are taken into each initial group. More information about the tournament will be available at the end of the month!

After the Double Elimination tournament on 15.2. the level series Squad season starts again, which is played until the end of April. We hope that all the companies that participated in the fifth season and many more new ones will join us for the season! According to very strong rumors, PUBG is coming as Free to Play in the near future, so it will certainly be easier to get new colleagues excited about it! After the Squad season in May-June, we will compete again for the Duo championship.

More detailed information and schedules about the spring tournaments will be published later in the year in Kanaliiga's Discord and Wiki.


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