PUBG Squad Season 5 Challengers: Season Preview

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The 2nd Division opened the Kanaliiga season quickly on Tuesday and today is the turn of the Challengers' series opener. Like the 2nd Division, 19 teams also play in the Challengers this season, a large part of which are already familiar to those who have followed the Kanaliiga. However, there are also new teams waiting for their place on the screen in corporate racing fields.

Challengers series teams for the fifth season


AreSports had a strong start in the 2nd Division in the fourth season, being right behind HT Laser #2 and 3D Talo. At the end of the season, a little competition fatigue could have struck and the team was barely out of the medal places. However, the team has a huge potential, which was demonstrated by NIGUELO (30 K, 5676 DMG) in the last map of the Duo tournament that ended, where he single-handedly took care of the team's victory over Vikend despite only playing Masters level players. Also from the team, eddye (29 K, 4844 DMG) performed cheerfully in the previous season and in the Duo tournament. AreSports starts this season as one of the strongest favorites to win, if the team is able to complete the entire season at a good level.


Aspocomp entered the summer Duo tournament as a new team, where they finished fourth, one point behind the winner. Tiksu and Veme played an even game throughout the tournament and the team may even have a chance to surprise the old Kanaliiga teams this season. The only prerequisite for success is strong team play, which is already required of the team at the Challengers level.

Bitfactor eSports

Bitfactor had a tougher season in Challengers in Season 4. The team advanced to the Challengers in the second season and after the third was already knocking on the doors of the Masters, but the loss of ilers experienced in the fourth season was clearly visible in the team's performance and the team was already close to dropping to the 2nd Division. In the team, the damage distribution is split between Kosmonymous (17 K, 3031 DMG), cheets84 (16 K, 2275 DMG) and TepiTheGreat ( 6K, 1509 DMG) between. This season, however, Bitfactor has clearly better chances to succeed than last year, when the upper end of the skill level of the Challengers moved to the Masters.

CGI Red Machine

CGI finished sixth in the 2nd Division in the fourth season. CGI's strengths are a consistently performing team, and there is no one clear number one player in the team. Z3rossi (20K, 4228 DMG), iMakke (16K, 4032 DMG) and Hande (25K, 4786 DMG) banged out almost identical damage to enemies last season and Karolain's (11 K, 1981 DMG) kill count is also in the same series. If the team can convert huge amounts of damage into kill points better than the previous season, the team will certainly be high at the end of the season. CGI also works as Kanaliiga's main liaison partner.


Codemate was 12th in last season's Challengers and avoided relegation to the 2nd Division with six points. From the team, delzic (29 K, 5268 DMG) had a long day last season, being the only player to get more than ten kills during the season, so for the team to be successful, help from other teammates would also be needed. For the coming season, the team will certainly be able to challenge for victories on the map level, but the chips for a series victory are not enough based on old displays.


Finnair started the fourth season reasonably well, but the pilots' free time increased due to the corona virus, when the team finally marched to an overwhelming victory in the 3rd Division. At the end of the season, Finnair was wanted to play directly in the Masters as well, but the team will first get to prove its abilities on the Challengers side. On the other hand, the team was also lucky in many games, as the team's bold foot rotations through the open fields went unnoticed in the 3rd Division, which certainly does not happen in Challengers anymore. Of the team, Tauno8000 (61 K, 10280 DMG) collected the most kills, and kalevikalevi (51 K, 7429 DMG) is not far behind. The team is one of the strongest winning favorites for the coming season.


Last season, the team was more interested in golf than PUBG, so there isn't really much to say about the team's performance. In light of ADR, Mexikon_Pikajun (20 K, 4534 DMG in 14 games) was in the top 20 last season and due to the very aggressive style of play, the team may surprise more passive teams. With the arrival of autumn, the golf courses won't stay green for long, so are players better off staying at home and working on PUBG? If this happens, the team can be very high at the end of the season.

Isoweli Oy #2

After the line-up changes made by Isowelje for the fourth season, the second team's fate was Challengers' tenth place. From the team in terms of kills, Zentti (26 K, 4761 DMG) and beauideal (23 K, 3674 DMG) came out on top. Regarding Isowelje, the slightly redistributed league levels might be a good thing, however, and good performances can be expected from the team during the season. The team has every chance to win the series.

Jimm's PC Store

Jimm's PC Store's team experienced changes for the fourth season and the team was dropped to Challengers at the end of a long Masters battle. From the fourth season, the team managed to get the ninth place, but in the last duo tournament FLAMEKKi (16K, 4562 DMG) and guerilla monkey (18 K, 4044 DMG) missed the second consecutive championship by a draw rule by a few just short of a kill. The team will certainly go into the new season hungry to get a new trophy for the company's trophy cabinet.

OP Squad

OP Squad will join Kanaliiga as a new four-person team. In the past, OP is used to seeing in several Duo tournaments, in the most recent of which the road rose up for them in the Lower Bracket 1 game. The team includes z1nkje, who has played the game competitively at the national level, and who can very well rise high in the series' kill list. It's worth following the team closely during the first days of the game, because it could very well be a challenger to the winning favourites.


OpenText played a strong fourth season, which ended in fourth place. For the upcoming season, OpenText experienced player losses and will have to play as a 3-man team for the season. Sykomayn (43 K, 5989 DMG) is still just as dangerous and Moenster_ (31 K, 4464 DMG) clutched the team's single-handed victory in the first series Weekend in the Duo tournament. On the map level, the team cannot be counted out of the battle for victory, but with three players fighting for the victory of the Challengers is at least a rocky, probably impossible, job even for OpenText.

Finnish Record Profile

Finland's Levyprofitel had a very difficult fourth season in the Challengers and the final ranking was 11th, with only the team that left the season behind. A place in the 2nd Division would have been available for the season, but the team persistently wanted to stay in the Challengers. From the team, Nippa- (12K, 3246 DMG) and ProtaX (14 K, 2707 DMG) accounted for most of the team's contribution to the damage side. At the time, the team fought for map wins at the Masters level, so it seems that the team did not play together, but the team also often had to play games with three players. If the team manages to start training together again outside the Kanaliiga and gets the whole team time for game days, we can expect success from them again on the playing fields.

Team YEET Fortum

Team YEET Forum started the fourth season with the pre-favorite cape, but the final result was sixth place. However, both of Fortum's Duo teams were in the finals and played well throughout the tournament, so either this season would be Fortum's? Trick_ (40K, 6539 DMG) is very much the backbone of the team, but Jim8ob (26 K, 4444 DMG) and Vesseli0 (23 K, 3322 DMG) is providing good fire support in the background. For this season, unlike previous seasons, we can try reverse psychology and say that this won't come through Fortum either. Hopefully it will point them on the road to a series win where they belong.


The Telia Finland team, which was seventh in the 2nd Division of the fourth season, split into two teams: Telia and Telia Tampere. In the Telia team, tomb4 (17 K, 3854 DMG) and Fatalaic (10 K, 1373 DMG), who already sowed terror on the playing fields in the early days of the Kanaliiga, remained. If the team gets back on the destruction gear of the old days, the team should not be left out of the battle for victory.

Telia Kouvola

Telia Cygate, which came third in the 2nd Division last season, renamed itself Telia Kouvola, but the players remained the same. The fourth season was an upward trend for the team, and a few mistakes cost the team map wins, which could have made the ranking even better. The team has three consistent players toyb (39 K, 6751 DMG9, samboir (28 K, 6108 DMG) and timb3 (23 K, 4645 DMG ), so the team has everything it takes to win the Challengers. Telia Kouvola, along with AreSports, is one of the strongest winning favorites for the Challengers series. In particular, one could assume that Toyb has the desire to go to the Masters to challenge his brother who plays in the Cargotec team.

Telia Tampere

Telia, on the other hand, moved to Tampere with MentZi (12 K, 2601 DMG) and GeneralGetku (9 K, 2133 DMG) and who belongs to the PUBG Jury. game bug(3K, 562 DMG). The team's player material is closer to the top level of the 2nd Division, but at the map level they also have the opportunity to fight for victories. To win the Challengers, the team must rely on strong team play and not so much phenomenal individual skill.


Valtori competed in the second Squad season at the Masters level, finishing 12th, but since then they have not been seen on the racetracks. From the old Masters series team, Kodee and Heffee1 are still participating. In the duo tournament of the summer, Valtori participated with the double harness MAdF1N, who is one of the organizers of the Kanaliiga CS, and Kodee, qualifying under the guise of a tie rule, out after the Lower Bracket 1 game day. It remains to be seen whether Valtori will be seen in the winning battles in the season that begins. On an individual level, they have what it takes, but has the team played enough PUBG together lately to do well in the Challengers.


Viria was the ninth team in the 2nd Division of the fourth season. However, the place in the Challengers for the season was partially released after the Viria #2 team joined the 2nd Division and the team wanted to be given a screen place in the Challengers. In the team's shooting work, especially for many seasons, M4rjis (19 K, 4745 DMG), Ortixeri (19 K, 4019 DMG) and heppajpg ( 12 K, 2627 DMG). In individual skills, the team can't compete with the top teams in the series, but even with them, strong team play can bring map victories and even ensure a good position in the league table at the end of the season.


Zoner had a strong start last season at the Challengers, but his scoring rate waned towards the end of the season. Of the team players, Customer Service (26 K, 5307 DMG) and sirhanhi (23 K, 4735 DMG) did the most damage on the playing fields. In the starting season, more help from other players is also needed for success, but last season showed that the team is able to compete for the map victory even in a tougher series on good days.

TOP 5 predictions

The Top 5 predictions are in alphabetical order and made to motivate the teams to surpass their previous Kanaliiga success, based on which the TOP 5 have been predicted.

TOP 5 teams:

  • AreSports
  • Jimm's PC Store
  • Finnair
  • Team YEET Fortum
  • Telia Kouvola
  • TOP 5 players:

    • Tauno8000
    • Temppu_
    • toyb
    • z1nkje

    Le77u's tip corner

    Le77u, who won the Kanaliiga championship in the Securitas Squad #1 team at the masters level and plays in the Northern Legacy eSports team at the international level, has promised to help teams that need tips for their games this season as well. If your team has any questions about their own game, send the https://chickendinner.gg link about the game to Le77u#8647 in Discord and there will surely be help for the team's problems!

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