Kanaliiga CS Server instructions

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This article contains instructions for both users and admins to use the services. The reservation of the servers is done by entering the Kanaliiga #server number in your own google calendar entry. There is currently no other booking system in use, so be careful when booking. However, if there are double bookings and none of Kanaliiga's own servers are available, then the popflash service will be used.

User manuals for servers

1. Connect to the server from the console or by adding the server to favorites. For example "Connect
kanaliiga.rakeservers.net:27015; password xyz"
Ask the password for the servers from maintenance

2. The match is started by changing the map if necessary. If the map is already correct, this step is skipped

-In the chat, type ".setup"

-Select map change by pressing 6

-Select the map by pressing the number mentioned in front of it.

Note that the map list has two pages, you can switch pages from buttons 7 and 8 (back, next)

3. Once the correct map is selected, one player retypes ".setup" in the chat. All settings are correct by default for BO1 match

-Players choose their own side

-Demo is saved automatically

-Knife lot chooses half

-After the knife, the winning side writes either ".swap" or ".stay" in the chat, depending on whether they want to switch sides or stay

If no change is needed to the above, press 1 in the menu. This starts the warm-up.

4. All players need to type ".ready" in the chat, after which the match is ready to start. During the game:

-During the game you can start the time increase by typing ".pause" in the chat

-The timeout ends by itself, or when the player who started it writes ".unpause" in the chat Other notes:

-GOTV port is game port + 5, e.g. game port 27019 -> GOTV port 27024

-GOTV passwords can be obtained from maintenance

-If the match ends in a tie, an overtime will be played

The game servers are:

#1 - kanaliiga.rakeservers.net:27015 - GOTV :27020

#2 - kanaliiga.rakeservers.net:27016 - GOTV :27021

#3 - kanaliiga.rakeservers.net:27017 - GOTV :27022

#4 - kanaliiga.rakeservers.net:27018 - GOTV :27023

#5 - kanaliiga.rakeservers.net:27019 - GOTV :27024

#6 - - GOTV :27025

#7 - - GOTV :27026

#8 - - GOTV :27027

A short review of the most important rco commands.

RCON authentication (replace stars with password):
rcon_password *

Name of Team 1 (put the name in quotes):
rcon mp_teamname_1 "Name this"

Name of Team 2 (put the name in quotes):
rcon mp_teamname_2 "Name this"

Pause (if teams can't):
rcon mp_pause_match

Pause out:
rcon mp_unpause_match

Change the map (no parentheses around the map name in the actual command):
rcon changelevel [mapname]

Map names are completed by pressing tab when you start typing. All "demolition" maps that are played in the comp have "de_" initials.

If the game crashes or there are problems or the server boots and you have to start a batch from the beginning, you can restore the game to a certain batch. But first, let's pause the game!
rcon mp_backup_restore_load_file backup_roundXX.txt

Note! In the command, XX is the number of the batch to return to.

If you want to force the beginning of the set (e.g. in a 4vs5 situation), the admin can do it. There is no chat command for this.
rcon sm_forcestart

The corresponding command to forcefully end the game in the middle of the map (if you need it for some reason) is:
rcon sm_forceend

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