AtFlow as a partner for the fall PUBG tournaments

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AtFlow and Kanaliiga have signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement for the autumn Squad and Duo tournaments. AtFlow is a Joensuu-based company specializing in online services, stores and websites, as well as information management solutions.

Kanaliiga's Fifth PUBG Squad season is atFlow's fourth in its series. The success accumulated from previous seasons has not required the purchase of a very large trophy case. Or, more precisely, the purchase of any type of cabinet. The team has been smoothly used from season to season in the gray middle box of the royal bottom division of the Kanaliiga.

However, we go into the fifth season with the highest expectations and again with a degree of broader (or stooped) shoulders. For the fifth season, the condensed series levels from four to three guarantee plenty of teams for the game days and that should mean more fräge points, right?

For this season, we also made new strategic decisions by applying for visibility of the company's logo in Kanaliiga broadcasts through sponsorship. In other contexts, our logo has been seen mostly in "AtFlow Oy has been eliminated by..." announcements. Fortunately, money can get you what skills aren't enough for.


. Our physical location is Joensuu, but we serve our customers and partners all over Finland. We have a well-honed, humorous and mutually appreciative work atmosphere - we work for each other and for the benefit of our customers. Things are done together and encouraging each other.

Gaming has been present at atFlow since the company's birth story. The founders are friends who spent a brisk part of their youth playing together. AtFlow's PUBG team is currently the only team playing in the public series, but the company has a strong gaming culture and you can find game buddies everywhere. Game hours with the group are accumulated from hardcore strategy to various tricks, for example on random and regular company lanes.

There is always room for more talents in the AtFlow family. We are currently looking for an expert in WordPress and Woocommerce who speaks fluent code, can handle stilted jokes and is hungry for client projects matching his skills. Click to read more information here: https://atflow.fi/yhttsytiet/rekry. For us, gaming background is not considered a disadvantage.


The team consists mostly of players who at one time imagined that Quakes could be done with just a keyboard. No exaggeration. However, reality taught and the mouse was later found to be included in games, but the success has not improved. However, it has not affected Poruka's enthusiasm for the game.


Has handled the position of captain and game director worthy of Nelonen (and we are not talking about the modern-day rating scale) after the previous captain fled to bluer waters. Depending on the day, the strategies vary between "Yes, you'll be fine with the toilet seat" and "Let's go over the open one, so that it swings" unpredictably, but surprisingly regularly ineffectively. Often pleads his incompetence to his age, but it is a tacitly accepted truth that the situation has been status quo already for the previous couple of decades.


Extremely skilled with headshots. The ratio of giving and taking is still somewhat on the side of taking, but a headshot as a headshot. When taking this guy for a ride, you should seriously consider whether it was such a long way to get to the area with an apostle ride.


This grey-bearded team junior is the team's driving force in the field of fragging. This guy has seen a few impressive individual performances that led to the hen during the piston season. The potential has already been revealed in professional circles. However, he has proven his ability to melt as well as the rest of the team.


The team's latest confirmation. Before the start of the employment relationship, PUBG was not part of his game selection, but he probably didn't read the small print in the job guide, so now it is. Spends the majority of his game time leaning on a teammate who is holding back and watching the counter run. Repeatedly characterizes himself as the net weight of the team.


SpawnFrags, as the nestor of the team, focuses strongly on post-analysis and tracking shipments. As the name suggests, this spawn camp that flourished in Doom's golden age is still looking for the PUBG spawn location. It's not too late to tell the truth. The elderly must have hobbies to keep them fresh and in working life for a long time.


The only goal is to be Solenovo and Abloy ahead in the end points of the series level. The goal was missed in the previous (and maybe some previous) season. This must be corrected to restore a valid pecking order for Joensuu's internal championship. Someone wise might question the validity of the championship plate, when Abloy's second team is reaping success in the highest league level of the Kanaliiga. So, you smart people, shut up and let us measure the lengths and lengths of the mice's cords in peace between us here in the mud room.

Thanks and kudos to the administrators of Kanaliiga for their efforts in favor of more relaxed and competitive playing!

Jouni "entoz" Tolvanen


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