Kanaliiga CS S1 VKO 5

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It's almost over before it runs out - the main series! 7.4. i.e. Sunday of this week is the last day when regular season games are still played. Don't worry though, because the playoffs and finals will still be played for each level during the next week!

You can also see the detailed situation here:
https://www.toornament.com/ tournaments/2219428878036983808/stages/2219432085829820416/#structure

We also go to work

MKT situation 2.4.

Granlund has already secured the regular season crown with his flawless performance. Immediately after, however, there is a really fierce struggle for a place in the playoffs between Frozenbyte, Innofactor, Helsinki Graphics and Eficode. Who will finish fourth and face Granlund, number one in the playoffs?

Decision games are coming today, Innofactor vs Helsinki Graphics 2.4. at 21:00 with quality commentary here: https://www.twitch.tv/yonathaniel


SemiPro situation 2.4.

Tight torque also in SemiPro. Kärkinelikkö has taken a clear nest gap with other teams in the regular season, so now we only play for order and who gets who against whom in the playoffs.

POV at least Codemate vs F9 on Thursday 4.4 at 8pm at twitch.tv/hlappa


Pro situation 2.4.

In the Pro League, only five teams have a chance to reach the playoffs. The game is tight, as these five teams are one/two wins away from each other, and the unfinished matches have happily gone awry. The final result won't be clear until after this week, so there's plenty of exciting things to do until Sunday evening!

The results of the regular season and the pairings of the playoffs will be announced both on our Discord and on this website. And remember, streams of all games in our Discord #striimilinkit!


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