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CS registration closed yesterday and it was great to see that there was a lot of interest in the tournament and 26 teams were able to participate. We learned from the previous tournament that in this game the differences in level are big and because of that, the participants were divided into three groups based on the average rank. This way we get good games for everyone, which are also more interesting to watch.

Levels are

  • Pro
    • Really tough teams and old stars here (10 teams)
  • Semipro
    • Here you can find teams that have played a lot, from whom you can expect a good game (8 teams)
  • We also go to work
    • Less players here as well as newcomers and gamblers who haven't played the whole game in ~10 years (8 teams)

The games start with a group stage where all teams of the same level play against each other. The group stage lasts 4-5 weeks and after that the 4 best Pro level teams play the playoffs and finals to decide the best team of this season. The purpose is to continue this type of tournament format, so at the end of the preliminary series, the best of the "Me käyätä tötö" and "Semipro" series have a chance to qualify for the higher series. And of course the worst in the upper series has the risk of falling to the lower series :)

With this model, we get more games for everyone and overall there will be a lot of games. Kanaliiga tries to organize Streams for the most interesting games and hopefully many teams will stream their own matches. If you're the captain of your team and you're not on Discord yet, Mars Mars there, because the game scheduling is just about to start!

Good games everyone and may the best team win!

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