PUBG Squad Season 5 2nd Division: Season Preview

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After a long wait, it's time to play Kanaliiga PUBG again. Unlike the previous seasons, the fifth season will be started by the 2nd Division. In the starting season, 19 teams will play in the division, a large part of which are familiar from the previous season's 3rd and 2nd Divisions, but there are also many teams that are completely new to the Kanaliiga!

2nd Division teams for the fifth season

Abloy Oy

Abloy Oy finished eighth in the 3rd Division in the fourth season. From the team, Kosukenrasukiya (27 K, 4696 DMG) and zaz88 (26 K, 3164 DMG) shared the leaders in damage and kills, accounting for almost 80% of the damage and kills of the whole team. The team certainly has the know-how of the second team playing in the Masters section, which means that good performances can certainly be expected from the team during joint game lessons and practice.


Aplicom finished tenth in the 3rd Division in the fourth season. After the third season played with three players, the team got more reinforcements in the team and got to play with four players from last season. The team is heavily on the shoulders of Toufi0 (35 K, 5366 DMG), who was responsible for almost 75% of the damage done by the entire team last season. The team also needs more successes from the other players in order to be successful in the upcoming season. The increased number of teams in the series may even help Aplicom, as the chance of regional randomness increases, reducing skill superiority when the map becomes cramped.

atFlow Oy

atFlow Oy finished sixth in the 3rd Division in the fourth season. atFlow's i-Trap and entoz double team showed strong performances in the Duo tournament that ended, which in itself was not a surprise in light of last season's results. Because both of them banged out almost identical readings in light of the damage done: i-Trap 24 K, 4303 DMG and entoz 25K, 2482 DMG. Additionally, CryptHash provided background support with 13 kills and 2960 damage. The team has the basic package well put together and the season might turn out to be good for them. atFlow is also the main sponsor of the upcoming season.


BearIT will join the season as a new 3-man team. The team already includes Stoutti, who previously took his previous company's 2nd Division to Master, with Tukkimie5 and Scmd, who played a little less PUBG. Stoutti will certainly be seen in high places in the series' kill statistics, but with a shortage of one player, the struggle for the series victory is unlikely.


Centria is one of the new Kanaliiga teams. The team joins the 2nd Division with a roster of five players. The K/Ds of the team's players are on the side of Public Matches with 0.5 corners, but the real gem of the team's result in the series is the meeting between Gimmyreaper and Quru Åbo lrdgrmrpr, where it will surely be decided Cloak of the Grim Reaper!


Integrata finished second in the 3rd Division in the fourth season and team Kevinov won the 3rd Division kill record with 58 kills (8147 DMG). Also, sisenjor (38 K, 7189 DMG) and zibbelin (41 K, 5798 DMG) are back, so the team is definitely one of the favorites to win the series.


Lounea finished fifth in the 3rd Division in the fourth season. The team returns with last season's lineup, the brightest of which was KebaATKiller (37 K, 8970 DMG), who had the second most damage of all players last season. Last season, the team took one victory and a couple of second places. The team has a good chance to succeed this season as well, especially if JanGun, Gravel84 or Debres are able to raise their level from last season.


The team was called champion favorite for the past season, and that season didn't go bad either. The fourth place in the 3rd Division and also the final place for the duo Vesseli and Jalokaasu from the last Duo tournament remained in their pocket. Last season, Vesseli (40 K, 6354 DMG) shone the brightest in the team and the rest of the team was very evenly behind: UsmiOfficial (20 K, 4636 DMG), Sappher (13 K, 3648 DMG) and Noble gas (13 K, 2235 DMG). The team knows how to win on the map and it is a viable favorite to win, especially if they can improve on last season's uneven performance.


OptoFidelity has had a slightly tougher journey in the Kanaliiga recently. The team has come season after season down from the Challengers series and the previous season ended in the last place of the 2nd Division. Last season, the team's kill stats were topped by SPHAINEAL (19 K, 3387 DMG). The team has been reasonably successful at the Challengers level in its time, so the most likely reason for the bad results has simply been the team's lack of play. If the team gets the game going again, they can be expected to do well in the series.

Procemex Oy #2

Last season's 3rd Division teams Procemex #2 and Procemex #3 merged into one team. Among the team's players, v4por1zer achieved the most results (41 K, 5423 DMG). If the team continues to learn from the Procemex #1 team, and remembers to exploit them in game situations, the team can have good rankings at the end of the season. There is a long way to go to win the series and it also requires kills from people other than v4por1zer.

Kuru Åbo

After one offseason, Quru Åbo returns to games as a 3-man team. The team can't expect map wins or high kill numbers, but maybe the team's hard training during lunch breaks will pay off. The team's own wish for the upcoming season was to "stay alive long enough to have time to shoot the enemy at least once before you die". The lrdgrmrpr of the team, however, can play for the victory for his team when the place comes, so the team should never be forgotten.


Ramirent will join the fifth season as a new team. According to their own words, the team is probably there often as a 3-man team, but on a good day, they might also get more help from CS-focused sub players. The K/D of the team's players on the Public Matches side is around 1-1.5 K/D.

Securitas #2

Last season, the team that entered the 2nd Division as a newcomer finished second to last at the end of the season. However, there are three consistent players in the team Mental level (18 K, 3003 DMG), bullzone (15 K, 2112 DMG) and M4j3sty (16 K, 3226 DMG) and Le77u, who plays in the background on the Masters side, must have remembered to say about the mistakes of the team last season. By learning from their mistakes, the team can be in good positions at the end of the season.

Solenovo Oy

Solenovo was the bronze medalist of the 3rd Division in the fourth season. The team was expected to be a strong performer last season, and they did. The team's number one player was Mauhemi (48 K, 8150 DMG) and the other players of the team also performed very evenly with 10-20 kills and 2000-3000 damage in the corners. It is certainly one of the most balanced teams in the 2nd Division and good success is expected from them this season as well. Based on previous Kanaliiga performances, the team is one of the strongest favorites to win.


SuomiCom finished eighth in the 2nd Division last season. The team has sometimes had to play games with three players, but if they have four players on the field, they have a consistently strong and competent team. Last season's statistics BattleR0ntti (18 K 4800 DMG), Stinkerror (17 K, 4353 DMG), PenaltyL33t (15 K, 2549 DMG) and Kernal (10 K, 2143 DMG). If the team is able to play with four players throughout the season, it is likely that the team will be seen at least in the TOP 5 of the series. The team is also one of the favorites to win, with a reservation, because there is no clear number one player in the team, but steady teamwork may very well be the key to victory.

TNNet Oy Squad

TNNet finished ninth in the 3rd Division last season and they also got a final place in the last Duo tournament with Asbe86 and emunen. In the light of last season's statistics, the team is led by Asbe86 (28 K, 4147 DMG) and the rest of the team is behind by approx. 1000 damage. The Squad team gets a new emus who excelled in the Duos, so it remains to be seen whether the League ranking will improve from last season.

Trenox Oy

Trenox will join the Kanaliiga as a new 3-man team. The team includes e.g. Jebu77 who played at Myst1s Gaming. The other players on the team don't have similar skills, so Jebu may need a carrier to lead the team to victory. However, Jebu can be expected to be high in the kill statistics at the end of the season.


Last season, Vincit finished tenth in the 2nd Division. The brightest star of the team was Original_Bowser (also sometimes called Browser) (21 K, 4222 DMG). Other players in the team tahv0 (11 K, 2127 DMG), kkkoja (9 K, 2406 DMG) and Marsunpaisti (8 K, 1863 DMG) were also in very even numbers, so the team has the potential to succeed this season.

Viria #2

Viria's second team will join the starting season as a new team. The team has the familiar name DirTy_JorGos from Viria's first team last season, but otherwise the team is still waiting for a place on the Kanaliiga playing fields.

TOP 5 predictions

The Top 5 predictions are in alphabetical order and made to motivate the teams to surpass their previous Kanaliiga success, based on which the TOP 5 have been predicted.

TOP 5 teams:

  • atFlow Oy
  • Integrata
  • Nethit
  • Solenovo
  • Securitas #2

TOP 5 players:

  • KebaATKiller
  • Kevinov
  • Jebu77
  • Mauhemi
  • Stoutti

Le77u's tip corner

Le77u, who won the Kanaliiga at the Masters level in the Securitas Squad #1 team and plays in the Northern Legacy eSports team at the international level, has promised to help teams that need tips for their games this season as well. If your team has any questions about their own game, send the https://chickendinner.gg link about the game to Le77u#8647 in Discord and there will surely be help for the team's problems!

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