PUBG Season #1 feedback and changes for season #2

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Kanaliiga's first PUBG season ended before the summer holidays and now a feedback survey was also made about it, which got a nice 34 answers. Here we go through the feedback received and also briefly outline future rule changes.

In general, the season gets a good grade, but there were also several threes, which must be turned into fours at least in the coming season!

Question : If you didn't answer 5, what should change so that your answer would be 5 next time? The answers to this were mainly divided as follows

  • Super rules / scoring to encourage more active play
  • Lots maybe even too much
  • Too few games

There was also feedback regarding the maps, but this feedback goes against each other as some wish to play all maps and some would like only Miramar + Erangel games.

Question: Is 1 game night every other week a good pace?

The number of games seems to be suitable for the majority, but some respondents wish for more games during the season.

Question: Is the league format (Pro, DIV1 and DIV2) good?

Full agreement! At least this will not be touched. There was one open feedback on the question that suggested a slightly different type of third block level if the number of teams decreases.

Question: Will your company participate in the next round?

A couple of teams are not going and the reason for this is that the players have changed companies, or the player who answered the survey has changed companies.

In the development proposals, the answers to question 1 are repeated, i.e. they would like scoring to reward more habits, some would like to narrow the map pool to only Miramar + Erangel, while others would like to include all maps. We also hope for more game days in the season, when the effect of one bad day will be reduced.

Management warmly thanks all the answers and after long and careful consideration I have decided on the following

  1. Scores and lots will be changed according to super rules. https://liquipedia.net/pubg/SUPER
  2. No changes to regions Miramar + Erangel. Other maps may require fine-tuning due to the smaller folder size.
  3. Maps, Pro-level Erangel and Miramar, 1 & 2 div all maps assuming they work. In other words, Vikendi's FPS drops are gone.
  4. The length of the season is increased so that there are 6 game nights in the season and 3 maps are played each
  5. Teams of three people are also accepted for the season if the company cannot find a fourth, but when the map starts, there must be three players in the team, i.e. two or one players are not allowed to play.

The game days of the blocks are set at the best time and we try to get a high-quality broadcast from as many as possible!

Thanks to all respondents and let's make the next season even better!


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