5 days until CS Season #4 Finals! Introducing Netlight Consulting

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The Kanaliiga CS Season #4 finals will be played on March 7. At Arkade Bar, Helsinki Kamppi! In the finals, a total of four diamond-hard gangs will be seen in two series, whose captains were interviewed by Kanaliiga's new communications manager Heikki "heizzah" Haahkala. Today it's TUGIS, the captain of Netlight Consulting, who plays in the Challengers series.

Tell me in your own words who you are

We are from Netlight, which is an international IT consulting firm. There are about 85 of us in the Helsinki office, of which even 14 appeared as players this Kanaliiga season. So we do computer work during the day and a little cs in the evenings.

Is this your first Kanaliiga season? If not, how many seasons have you played?

This is our second season in Kanaliiga. Last season, the boy clicked home from the victory of the semipro series. This season we have played with two gangs, one in the Challenger and the other in the 5th divar.

How would you describe the skill level of your team?

All the players in the Challenger gang are hard hitting heads and throughout the season, the teamwork and tactics have also started to roll so well that we have been undefeated in the playoff phase.

Netlight Consulting's winning image from last season. In the picture, from left to right, bAsti, stuba, kamii bro, TUGIS and raep.

How are the roles distributed in your team?

As captain, I have kept the team on track and been responsible for the unbreakability of the spiritual backbone. I'm also designing with the guys pretty much the default setups of our team.

Tuomas "stuba" Kuusisto is the team's AWP god and takes care of calling within the game.

Rasmus "Raep" Halsas is a sure anchor of the bomb site, who this season has especially improved as a clutch minister.

Miika "kamii bro" Kalske is usually the hardest hitter and a natural entry fragger. Guaranteeing is easy when you can just tell Miika to "go clear B".

Lasse "tuhoLASSE" Ihalainen has found general destruction to be his role.

Miika, Rasmu and Lasse from the 5th divar team will be joined in the finals, Vili "Vili" Lähtevänoja and Tuomas "tylitäjä" Ylipiha, and in addition Sebastian "bAsti" Nyberg will make a comeback to the active roster and it remains to be seen whether there are too big boots to fill.< /p>

What do you think are your biggest strengths with the finals in mind?

Unpredictability for sure, not a single match played on the final roster, so the opponent will be at least as aware of what will be done as we are.

Another strength is of course stuba's potential to take the team on his back and he has already promised to take at least thirtybombs in every map.

Is the opposing team nervous? What would you guess the outcome would be?

There will be familiar guys and the last BO3 against them was so easy that hopefully this time we will have an even and entertaining match that can go either way.

Have you thought about future plans? Will you continue for the next season? Will there be player changes?

We will continue next season with at least one team, some of the players thought to have an off-season and then maybe continue again in the fall.

Are there teams/players from your company in other Kanaliiga games? If so, from where? Are there any coming?

Currently focused only on the pencil. There has been no talk of other games, although on the other hand änari has been very popular in our office.

How has esport corporate league activity been received in your company? Has it sparked interest, questions or other activity?

Esports as a growing field seems to be of general interest. Our games have been followed by a good number of people, the channel of our Kanaliiga team is one of the most active in our Slack, in addition, we organize lans with the team from the Helsinki office at least twice a year and more than 20 people have been invited to play in them. In addition, Netlight has also participated in Sweden's corresponding CS company league.


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