Cloth bag

Cloth bag

10,00 €

You still lack this! A genuine and original Kanaliiga fabric bag, in which you can carry both store purchases and your teammates on the side (this is not guaranteed).
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Minimum order quantity of the product: 1pcs

KanaKassi is always useful and you can use it to show off your own Kanaliiga work in a great and stylish way.

Piuhat for the lanes – for the chicken bag
Sauna drinks – To the chicken bag
As a gift for wife/husband – Chicken bag

“My relationship was in crisis, but when I bought Kanakassis for the whole family, the crises disappeared. Today, the children no longer fight with each other, they read Latin as a hobby, and the youngest just wrote the sixth Laudatur. That's pretty good for a five year old, isn't it? I can thank the Kanakasses for all of this, they brought much-needed order to the chaos" says Ersiboguu, founding member of Kanaliiga

In addition to all the other good things - by subscribing, you also support Kanaliiga's activities, and by using the bag diligently, you offer us valuable visibility in the world's markets!

Store pick-up
Store pick-up 0,00 €
Pick-up from the local post
Pick-up from the local post 8,00 €
Matkahuolto 8,00 €
Smart post parcel automatic
Smart post parcel automatic 4,90 €


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