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Kanaliiga (traslates to Chicken League) is a non profit organization created by a active PUBG players from Innofactor Finland in late 2018. What Kanaliiga does is that it organizes PUBG tournaments where teams from different companies challenge each other to see what company has the best PUBG team. 

We organize both Duo and Squad tournaments and currently are running one tournament a month with ~200 players joining these tournaments Monthly.  All of our games are streamed by PUBG Finland and these streams have hundreds of viewers each time. Tournaments are free to participate and easy to join. We do have small prices for winners provided by our Sponsors

The feedback we have gotten has been very positive and our Discord channel and media exposure is growing day to day. We aim to provide a positive setting to compete against other companies outside work. Also this provides a way for companies to build up their team spirit and also provides a way to network with other companies. 

We interested to expand also to other Nordic countries but as we do have day jobs we need help in doing this and are looking for active community members to get things going. If we could get similar leagues starting up in other countries it might also provide an opportunity to do new type of events like "Battle of the Nordics" where the best company teams from each country challenge each other in a grand final :)

But enough of us :) 

If you are interested in running Kanaliiga in Sweden, Denmark, Norway or Iceland  please give us an email at info@kanaliiga.fi or join us at our Discord Server https://discord.gg/UFetjhv

See you on the Battleground!

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